5 Tips towards Helping Your Preschooler Become An Independent Reader

Mother and Daughter Reading Together --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

One of the easiest ways to begin telling the story of a book is through the use of illustrations.  Most books for young children are illustrated in great detail, and noting important details related to the characters, plot, and setting will provide a wholesome first literacy activity.  Children at this level should be encouraged to browse through books and pretend to read the story, an initial step toward becoming and independent reader.  Here are five tips.

  1. Set aside a regular time and place for books so that reading books becomes as natural as eating and sleeping.
  2. Browse through books to help your child become familiar with books and how they are handled.
  3. Read the story as your child points to the pictures on each page.
  4. Let your child pretend to read the story as the adult points to the pictures.
  5. Make regular trips to the library and attend storytelling sessions.  Visit bookstores together to begin a personal library for your child.

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