Try Our Favorite DIY Playdough Recipe!

DIY Playdough

We LOVE this playdough recipe! Miss Michelle, our Beginning Learners Daycare teacher,  makes a fresh, new batch every month in a different color.  Using and manipulating this colored ball of dough helps strengthen fingers, helps with concentration and social skills, and encourages kids to use their imaginations.  According to NAEYC, the National Association for the Education of Young Children, playdough also encourages children’s language and literacy, science, and math skills—all at the same time!

Kaneville Community Child Center puts a fresh cup of this magnificent homemade playdough in each “goodie” bag given to children after their tour of the center.  Here’s the low down on how to make this at home with your kiddos.


1c flour

1c water

2tsp cream of tartar

1/3c salt

1T veg oil

Food Coloring

Directions:  Combine all the ingredients in a 2qt saucepan.  Stir and mix over medium heat.  Keep stirring until it starts getting a little solid and doesn’t stick to sides of the pan.  It will look very sticky and gooey.  Take it out of the pan and knead it on the counter.  Do this until it’s the right consistency for you.

That’s it!  You’ll love it AND you can make a fresh new batch with your kids every month.

Want more??  Here’s a great link:  “Building with Playdough/Simple STEM Challenge for Kids by Lemon Lime Adventures

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