Kids Camp; Sports Safety

The social, emotional, and physical benefits of sports for kids are undeniable, but no one wants to see their kids sidelined due to sports injuries. Here are some safety tips if your kids are involved in sports:

Make sure your child has a pre-participation physical exam including all pertinent medical history.

Meet with coach beforehand to share your contact info, doctor’s phone number, allergy info, and any special conditions such as asthma that the coach should know about.

Make sure your child is well hydrated. Kids should drink water 30 minutes before a game or practice and every 15 to 20 minutes through out the activity. The coach should call mandatory drink breaks.

Make sure kids are wearing appropriate sports gear such as safety helmets, mouth guards, face guards, shin guards, knee and shoulder pads, spiked shoes, skates and gloves and safety glasses.

Kids should do some light jogging and a few minutes of stretching before each practice or game.

Check to make sure the coach is certified in CPR and first aid and knows the symptoms of concussions. Ask if he / she has attended the Safe Kids Sports Safety Clinic.

Ask if first aid kit or AED (defibrillator) is on hand at all games and practices.

Ask what emergency measures are in place in case of a serious injury, for example calling paramedics or transportation to the hospital.

The coach should rest all players alternately throughout the game.

Encourage your child to report any pain or injury immediately to the coach.

Kids should have 1 to 2 days off of sports practice per week.

Kids should take occasional breaks from sports to prevent over use injuries.

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