Summer Camps at KCCC 2019

Camp 1 – June 17-21   (9:00a-11:30a) $85 Ages 6-11

Dinosaur Dig

Go back in time to learn about when the dinosaurs roamed the earth and dig into our Earth’s past. How big were they? What did they eat? Discover fossils frozen in time and dig up the history of the largest beasts to walk this planet.

Camp 2 – July 8-12   (9:00a-11:30a) $85 Ages 6-11

Adventures in Camping

Nothing says summer like camping! The children will participate in fun camping activities, crafts, and games.  So much fun and “S’more” will be had during camp in some good old fashioned backyard adventures!

Camp 3 – July 22-26   (9:00a-11:30a) $85 Ages 6-11

Under the Sea

Sharks and minnows anyone? Yes! Mermaids, shells, fish, whales and did we mention SHARKS abound as we explore life under the sea through nature and craft projects, storytelling, and friendly competitions. Of course, no “Under the Sea” week would be complete without some wet, wild, and wacky water games as we’ll find plenty of ways to beat the summer heat. Here’s one siren’s song you’ll be glad you heeded!

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