COVID Safety Measures

KCCC has added the following procedures to ensure the safety of our staff, family, and children:

  • One adult per family at drop off/pick up
  • One family in our main entry at a time
  • Only staff, students, and necessary maintenance people will be allowed entry into KCCC
  • Tours will only be given after hours
  • All adults entering KCCC will be required to wear masks
  • Children may wear masks upon the discretion of their parents
  • Staff are required to wear their masks during drop off/pick up of students at the door
  • All adults and children will go through a quick health check and have their temperatures taken and recorded prior to entry
  • All staff and students will be required to wash their hands first before starting their day at KCCC
  • Students will not be mixed with other classes.
    • For example: we would join classes for music but now we will keep all classes separated
  • Only one classroom may be on any playground or in the gym at a time
  • We will close at 5pm through Phase 4 for nightly cleaning and sanitizing of all classrooms
  • Masks for children will be required when we go to the Kaneville Public Library

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