Kindergarten at KCCC

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We are so excited to offer a Kindergarten program!  It’s going to be a wonderful program! Here are the basics:

  • First day of school – August 17
  • Days/Time: Monday through Friday 9:00 am-11:45 am
  • Max class size of 14 students
  • Last day of school – May 14 (pending emergency days needed)
    • Extended care before and after kindergarten is available depending on enrollment and your child’s age.
    • If your child doesn’t turn six until after May 14, 2021, you also have the option of using our daycare services before and after school throughout the school year.


  • Reading/Language Arts:  A balanced literacy program will be used to teach the reading and language skills.
    • Focus on alphabet letter recognition and formation, phonics and decoding skills, phonemic awareness, concepts of print, and emerging reading/writing skills.
    • The goal is to develop and encourage fluent readers, articulate writers and speakers, and good listeners and viewers.
    • Small group instruction with the teacher will be on phonics (letter/sounds) and word study.
    • The children will learn to collaborate, play fairly, take turns, share materials, solve problems, and develop some responsibility for their own learning.
    • In language arts the focus will be to introduce students to good writing and help them develop an understanding of multiple uses of writing.

  • Mathematics: Our math program will utilize useful, meaningful, productive, and enjoyable activities that help children become independent and comfortable thinkers about mathematical ideas.
    • You will see your child become excited by a wealth of mathematics activities, including counting, numeration, addition and subtraction, graphing, measurement, geometry, patterns, and data collecting.
    • By using real materials like Unifix cubes, pattern blocks, coins, counting manipulatives, graphs and balance scales, your student will be able to illustrate and visualize a concept in a concrete way.

  • Special Subjects included:
    • Music Class with Ms. Cathy every other week
    • Library Time
    • Art
    • Computer
    • Science

Upon receiving your application, you will be added to our Remind app for the Kindergarten Class of 2021. An enrollment packet will be mailed to you including all paperwork required by KCCC and DCFS prior to your child’s first day of attendance. If you are currently enrolled at KCCC, your file will be reviewed and you will be notified of any missing documents or documents that need to be updated. You will also receive more detailed information about your classroom and day to day activities and routine from your child’s teacher towards the end of July.