Preschool Summer Camps

KCCC will also be offering Preschool Summer Camps for ages 3-5.

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The Preschool camps will take place from 9:00am-11:30am during the weeks of July 13, July 20, and August 3.

Want to know what our Preschool camps will consist of? Keep reading!

July 13-July 17 // Sizzling Science

The children will engage in a variety of activities that focus on Science. They will learn skills such as: observing, comparing, classifying, measuring, communicating, inferring, and predicting.

July 20-July 24 // Dinosaurs

This week the children will be learning about dinosaurs. Children love and are fascinated by these massive and majestic creatures. We will be doing activities that will ignite children’s passion and nurture their imagination.

August 3-August 7 // Messy Mania

With messy play, children will explore by using their senses. By exploring how things feel, smell and taste, this type of play nurtures an awareness and understanding of the world that surrounds them.