Signs You’re an Early Childhood Educator!

One of the best parts of connecting with other educators in the same field as you is sharing inside jokes, stories, and daily occurrences you can all relate to. And when that field is early childhood education, those moments can get pretty hilarious. Here are some signs you’re a true-blue, tried-and-tested early childhood educator.

You have at least one speck of glitter somewhere on your body at any given moment.

You have extreme difficulty naming your own children because EVERY name means something to you. 😉

You always have marker on your arms and legs.

You are constantly counting how many people are in your group.

You sing the clean-up song while vacuuming at home. 🎶

🚽 You know the tell-tale signs of the potty dance.

A few more…

  • You get a secret thrill out of laminating something.
  • You can never find pens, but crayons are aplenty.
  • Sometimes you refer to adults as “Boys, Girls or Friends.”
  • You save EVERYTHING for arts and crafts.
  • You can’t hold a conversation with another adult without saying things like, “How did that make you feel?”
  • Your favorite chair sits 12 inches off the floor.
  • You always have a tissue in your pocket and have to stop yourself from wiping some stranger’s nose.
  • You spend more money on school stuff, than you do your own children.
  • You move your dinner partner’s glass away from the edge of the table.
  • You ask if anyone has to go potty when you’re with a group of friends.
  • You spell out curse words, even when kids aren’t present.
  • At least 10 children you are not even related to have called you Mom or Dad.
  • You feel the need to buy school supplies and tissue boxes any time they’re on sale.
  • You refer to yourself in the third person even when students aren’t around.
  • You’re able to turn any situation into a great teaching opportunity.

But mostly, you know you’re an early childhood educator when you know how important the work you do is—and you wouldn’t trade your job for anything!