children with her students holding different color bells

Can You Teach Music to A Preschooler?

children with her students holding different color bells
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We do at KCCC! Studying music from an early age has proven to be beneficial in almost every aspect of a child’s life. Learning to read and understand music and its underlying theory facilitates learning of many other subjects. For example, music assists in language development and increases verbal recall. As they develop higher language and social skills, children become well rounded and benefit from the intrinsic benefits of learning music. They become disciplined, learn a skill, manage performance and the related anxiety, and learn interpersonal skills like cooperation, sharing, and compromise.

As children learn music, especially an instrument that requires both hands like bells, they see multiple benefits. Using both hands as they ring bells helps to develop better fine and gross motor skills. Learning to play an instrument has also been proven to open new pathways in their brains. These improvements in how the brain develops allows the brain to work harder and can also improve spatial-temporal tasks, like putting together puzzles, playing with blocks or Legos, problem solving, and painting.

In our music classes at KCCC, the children learn rhythms and sing songs that support math skills, understanding the seasons, and use patterns to help with sequencing and memorization skills. Along with motor skills, the songs they perform on the handbells and Boomwackers promote patience as they wait their turn to play their portion of the song.

Even performing the Christmas and Spring concert songs has teachable components! It’s one thing to learn how to play or sing the songs, but it’s quite another to learn how to perform the songs learned in music class. When preparing for the performances, the children learn that bowing is a sign of gratitude to the audience for watching, listening, and enjoying. Performing in front of an audience at a young age builds their confidence and sets the child up for success as they grow older and perform in school and participate in classes that involve standing in front of others giving speeches.

Parents can add to the musical experience by taking their children to concerts and musicals. Attending a performance will reinforce the concert manners they learn in school. It also teaches respect for other listeners and for the musicians. Not only are live performances fun and engaging, but they help kids learn and grow! Through what the children learn at KCCC and by being introduced to and attending various other types of musical performances with family and friends, preschoolers may discover their desired path in music for the future!